7 Best Air Freight Software for 2024: Key Features & Pricing

Air freight software aids the management and organization of freight shipments by air. It connects the various stakeholders and freight brokers involved in air freight forwarding operations. 

But what does air freight software entail? 

And which are the best ones?

In this article, we’ll explore air freight software and its benefits. We’ll also suggest a few great options and detail what features you should look for in air freight software.

What Is Air Freight Software?

Air freight software allows businesses to manage and streamline their air freight operations by unifying multiple departments involved in the air freight logistics business. 

It comes equipped with robust features that allow for better management of air cargo capabilities, including:

  • Air Waybill Automation: Create and submit air waybills (house air waybill, master air waybill) along the supply chain.
  • Direct Airline Connectivity: View air freight carrier schedules and book storage space effortlessly.
  • Improved Shipment Visibility: Track air cargo routes in real time.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Check the latest international trade regulations for air cargo transportation and easily send customs documents and liaison with a customs broker.
  • Minimize Human Errors: Create, analyze, and store documents accurately with document management automation.
  • Better Customer Service: Provide a centralized system for your global supply chain, where service agents can manage, respond to, and resolve client queries or requests.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Reduce time spent on logistics by streamlining air freight management tasks, like booking orders, generating quotations, etc.

Interested in investing in air freight software but don’t know where to start? 

Let’s look at some of the best ones available.

7 Best Air Freight Software (Features & Pricing)

Logistics business owners are spoilt for choice with the plethora of options available in the air cargo industry. 

To help you search for suitable freight software, we’ve compiled a list of the best software options, including:

  1. Shipthis 
  2. GoFreight 
  3. Scope by Riege Software 
  4. Magaya 
  5. Cargowise 
  6. Champ Cargosystems SA 
  7. Logitude World

1. Shipthis

Shipthis is an AI-powered, cloud-based freight forwarding software used by freight forwarders across the world. It comes with a number of powerful, well-rounded features that let you streamline your team’s workflow.

Key Features


Shipthis offers a free demo for all their service plans, with no credit card information needed. Its plan starts from $89/user per month.

2. GoFreight

GoFreight is a freight forwarding management solution that allows you to automate all your shipment operations and customer service. It provides document management for import and export activities and trackers for cargo and inventory status.

Key Features

  • Manage freight rates and instantly generate quotations with quick data entry.
  • Directly file customs documents through its in-app Importer Security Filing, Automated Manifest System, and Advance Cargo Information portals.
  • Create custom client portals according to your branding.
  • Generate detailed reports on logistics, finance, and project progress.


GoFreight offers customizable business plans based on the number of users and how long your company intends to use its products.

3. Scope by Riege Software

Scope by Riege Software is an integrated freight forwarding software for air freight, ocean freight, and customs management. Their air freight software provides a number of automated features for easier logistics handling.

Key Features

  • Create and submit electronic air waybills automatically for faster quotation deliveries.
  • Direct integrations with customs bodies for easier document transfers.
  • Manage air freight import and export activities seamlessly.
  • Book consignments and storage space automatically based on electronic documents.


Scope has a demo available on its website. However, its pricing is available only upon request.

4. Magaya

Magaya is an all-in-one interactive cloud-based freight software solution. They provide a digital customer experience platform, a customs compliance system, freight forwarding, warehouse management, and more.

Key Features

  • Automate all filing and customs export documentation processes.
  • Streamline and optimize the logistics process from origin to destination.
  • Create shipment schedules and import them as bookings or save them for later.
  • Access full visibility of cargo location and warehousing status.


Magaya offers a consultation to discuss the right features for your business and its associated pricing.

5. Cargowise

Centralize all your departments and branches with Cargowise, a single-platform global logistics software. Cargowise helps streamline your company’s freight management tasks and logistics planning.

Key Features

  • Automate repetitive shipment tasks and reduce administrative errors.
  • Share air waybills throughout the supply chain in real time.
  • Obtain direct access to major airline operation schedules like MAERSK, Emirates Sky Cargo, and more.
  • Anticipate future events and outcomes with the built-in Advanced AI technology for critical supply chain decision-making.


Cargowise’s subscription fees are available only upon request.

6. Champ Cargosystems SA

Champ Cargosystems SA is a cargo management software that allows freight forwarding companies to organize and streamline freight forwarding operations. Their cargo management suite offers a number of comprehensive modules, like a revenue accounting system and a terminal freight management system.

Key Features

  • Provide end-to-end control over sales, marketing, and air cargo management operations.
  • Create comprehensive cargo reservations, bookings, and quotations with Cargospot Portal.
  • Generate extensive management reports on the entire air freight shipment cycle to better understand your business.
  • Track and handle all cargo operations on the mobile app.


Champ Cargosystems’ pricing is available upon request.

7. Logitude World

Logitude World freight forwarding software offers a fast and efficient solution for air freight operations. Their advanced freight forwarding management software lets companies and clients stay up-to-date with their air cargo status.

Key Features

  • Create automated quotes, e-AWBs, and other necessary documents with the CRM feature.
  • Send links to customers via email for convenient shipment tracking.
  • Monitor your company’s finance with the Cost and Profit/Loss Analysis tool.
  • Customize the freight forwarding software to better suit your business’s needs.


Logitude World’s price plans start at $45/user per month.

Next, let's look at some features you should consider before choosing an air freight software subscription.

What Features Should You Look for in Air Freight Software?

There are plenty of suitable air freight software options available. 

However, you should look for an application that fits your business’s needs and budget.

Here are ten features that you should look for in air cargo software:

1. Finance Management

Getting freight software with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or a finance module can help you track your freight forwarding company's expenses, observe revenues, and more. 

What’s more?

You can also generate in-depth finance reports for documentation purposes. 

For example, Shipthis offers freight accounting that lets you gain deep insights into your business’s financial information.

2. Sales Or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Opting for software with built-in CRM modules can help record sales data easier. The CRM can be automated to note order dates, customer contact information, payment dates, and other data related to an air freight shipment order. 

3. Customer Engagement Portal

Giving your customers a platform to voice their concerns or even trace freight progress helps assure them they made the right choice to work with you. 

For instance, Shipthis provides an all-in-one customer engagement portal that connects your customers, ground handlers, brokers, shippers, and consignees together. This allows your clients to easily receive quotes, track cargo statuses, and communicate with you about their queries.

4. Live Shipment Tracking & Notifications

Being able to track your cargo and receive live notifications is crucial to know the shipping status and exact route location of consignments. It also helps reassure your customers that their parcels are safe.

For example, Shipthis’ automated Track & Trace system lets you view your cargo’s location and get up-to-date ETA’s. It creates transparency in the supply chain, which helps your customers trust your freight forwarding process.

5. Document Management

Generating, storing, and sharing e-AWBs along the supply chain is easier and less time-consuming with the help of an electronic data interchange (EDI) system. 

You can immediately generate an air waybill once bookings are made, store them if it gets canceled, and reuse them whenever needed. 

6. Easy User Controls

Having robust features is good, but those features won’t matter if it’s too complicated to use or navigate through a tool’s interface. That’s why an application with a simple user interface for a freight forwarder can go a long way in managing your global freight supply chain.

7. Detailed Reporting

Keeping track of your freight forwarding operation is important for planning ahead. So, it’s best to ensure that your software can produce in-depth reports to help your logistics business grow. 

For instance, Shipthis’ Smart Documentation feature lets you automatically generate, store, and access documents and in-depth finance reports.

8. Billing and Invoicing

Using an application with an automated billing feature helps optimize your operations.


You’ll spend less time manually creating invoices and sending them down the supply chain. Some software even supports multiple currencies and languages.

9. Proactive Customer Support

Getting logistics software that provides good support is important. The faster you can get your technical issues solved, the better. 

10. Mobile Compatibility

Being able to work on the go has become a norm. To accommodate that, many companies have made a mobile version of their air freight software. 

Now, this feature is optional, but it's a great addition. 

With it, both air freight forwarders and their customers can quickly check on their cargo status without relying on a desktop device.

Should You Subscribe to Air Freight Software?

The innovation in air freight software might be the answer to your freight forwarding issues. It streamlines several logistics processes, like planning, documentation, customs compliance, and more.

Looking for a robust and comprehensive air freight software solution?

Shipthis can manage all cargo operations, including customs documentation to warehouse management, all in one platform.

Get in touch with our support team today to schedule a free demo.

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