Manage All Branches in your Organization with Ease

The supply chain industry has grown exponentially, especially across countries and regions. Managing a logistics company with branches spread across the world is not an easy task.  

It has become a 24/7 business and its success requires connectivity not only on roads, rail, air, and sea but in communications, finances, and information processing. Having inefficient or inadequate systems in place can severely affect the company’s ability to compete on a global scale.

Efficient management and seamless information exchange from multiple branches is essential for streamlining the shipment process and for preparing consolidated reports. Shipthis’s Multi Branch Module gives a complete overview of the entire business operations enabling you to manage data, and accounts and generate detailed financial reports.

Freight forwarders have complete control and visibility of all their finances, facilitating better decision making.

Features of Multi Branch Module

One Centralized Platform to Simply Operations.

Simplify and manage multi-branch operations all in one place. Shipthis helps you to streamline and systematically control the handling of orders, inventory and accounts of all branches, allocations of costs, and profits, etc. under one robust platform. 

Multi-Currency Support for Global Growth

Shipthis offers multi-currency support that allows freight forwarders with businesses spread across the world, streamline their accounting and finance operations.   

Supply Control and Visibility 

Get a complete, holistic and real-time view of all your shipments, invoices and finances across all your organizations branches with multiple drill-down levels, helping you become more efficient and generate greater revenue.

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