Digitize and Deliver Contextual Customer Experience

All-in-one collaboration portal connecting your Customers, Shippers and Consignees. Allow your customers to request a quote effortlessly, receive quotes, track shipments, communicate, view Invoices, analytics, insights and reports from your branded customer portal.

A Comprehensive, Well-Structured Digital Customer Portal

A single-source-of-truth for your customers

Deliver all information related to the shipments, tracking, quotations, documents, approvals in a single view personalized dashboard to your customers

Real-time view of Shipments Integrated with automated tracking

Provide up to date shipment lifecycle and status updates with real time container centtric visibility of shipment events via via integrated container tracking.

No more losing critical documents in the email abyss

Allow your customers to easily drag and drop shipment documents to the corresponding shipment job and make it automatically available for you in Shipthis ERP.

Communicate in Context

Every Shipment page comes with a Status update messaging tool allowing your customers to communicate with you on a corresponding shipment and receive a quick and contextual response.

Reliable Information, Through Every Milestone

Easily track shipments across land, air, sea, rail and yard, in real-time. Robust shipment tracking feature from Shipthis, effortlessly keeps up with the status of your shipment. Receive notifications, highlighting each stage as your shipment moves from origin to destination.

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More than just Track and Trace

Easy integrated tracking with Bill of Lading and Container Number to provide you with in-depth information about your shipment. View it on the map, get accurate progress of shipments, and identify key events and status updates with time stamps and container locations. All in one place!

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Visibility For Customers, Shippers, Consignee

Shipthis’s white labelled customer portal enables real-time visibility. Customers can view all their active shipments, and exceptions, and receive real-time updates on each of their shipments. Your customers can share live public cargo tracking links to their Shippers and Consignees with information related to shipment such as Vessel and Cargo Information, Tracking and ETA, etc., eliminating the need for sending countless emails.

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Automate Tasks around Shipment Milestones

Create and customize your shipment workflow through the shipment events and container life cycle. Trigger automatic events, alters, and exceptions as the shipment moves from one stage to the other. Streamline your shipment tasks by automating various processes like invoicing, notifications, emails, etc.

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