Customer Relationship Management

Streamline and automate business processes and improve experiences for your teams and customers with Shipthis CRM. Integrating Shipthis CRM for freight forwarders helps you gain visibility into sales, marketing, finance, and customer support activities. The result is a streamlined process, greater visibility, fewer mistakes, improved profitability, and satisfied customers.

A Customer-Centric CRM Platform Built from the Ground up for Embedding. Simple to Use, Flexible Deployment.

Detailed Dashboard With Customer Information

With Shipthis CRM for freight forwarders, you can get real-time access to your transportation & logistics data in a single dashboard. Track and view all the information, and manage all your leads, quotations, and emails from a single place. You can automate and streamline, save time and eliminate wasteful work and improve productivity with Shipthis's CRM software.

Easily Store and Access All Your Customer Documents

Shipthis provides a hassle-free solution to manage all your shipment-related documents. You can seamlessly manage and track and easily retrieve any document with a quick search from a central repository. Customers can easily upload and access the documents over the web portal, as and when required. Save time and reduce delays by instantly retrieving documents right from your dashboard, without having to open a separate program.

Stay On Top Of Customer Performance

Shipthis CRM for freight forwarders provides a Customer Performance Measurement System to analyze, evaluate and understand customer performance. We offer you a data-driven guide to analyze and grade your customers based on performance, helping you measure customer profitability and build more sustainable relationships.

Customer Specific Charges For Your Most Loved Customers

With Shipthis, you can configure Customer Specific charges that allow you to configure charges for your special customers. The system will automatically pick up these charges and help ease the quotation process when you quote.

Smart Flexible Interface

Shipthis Smart Interface comes with functionalities such as automatic currency management, multiple currency support, etc. Shipthis has powerful search capabilities supporting full-text to fuzzy search on the top of the application in every module, giving you the ability to search for any records in the system instantly.

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Opportunity Management

Gain complete control over marketing, sales, and customer support functions . Shipthis helps you track progress across the sales process, providing a complete view of the customer insights like key contact information, email and communication history, documents, previous quotes, invoices, and more. You get a complete picture of every relationship – all in real-time.

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Automated Customer Notifications

Shipthis automated customer notification feature enhances the shipment tracking experience of your customers sending reminders, status updates, etc. in real-time. Keep your customers constantly updated via desktop notifications, email, SMS (text), and WhatsApp informing them about shipment progression like arrival notice, pre-alerts, and Bill of Lading surrendering and status updates.

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Email Integration

Shipthis easily integrates with your email provider or with your own customized Email DNS. Improve your email communication experience by easily sending quotations, invoices, aging analysis, and shipment update emails to your customer directly from our platform with customizable templates and automated attachments. Increase productivity and save time wasted on external email applications by leveraging Shipthis technology's unified interface.

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