Freight Forwarding Accounting Software

Stay on top of your finances with Shipthis's GAAP Complaint accounting module optimized for freight forwarding operations. Gain greater insights into your financial information and performance in one place for effective corporate decision-making at every level.

Shipthis accounting module is developed specifically to meet the logistic industry's unique and demanding needs and drive accurate results, aligned to financial goals.

Dedicated Dashboard for Accounting

Shipthis provides you easy access to all your accounting, finance data, and documents in the form of visual representations, all in one place. Visualize each invoice, set approval workflows, and manage cost, margins, and multi-currency with a single click.

Multi-Currency Capabilities

Shipthis has multi-currency capabilities that you can use in sales, reports, quotes, invoicing, billing, etc. Our currency manager panel allows you to add pre-decided base point corrections or fixed corrections, and you can easily update the exchange rates for your organization periodically.

Generate Invoices With a Single Click

Create custom and professional invoices, sales receipts, and estimates that can be sent in minutes. Take care of all your sales and invoices concisely, with every detail available in the blink of an eye! Shipthis Invoicing feature also supports multiple language integrations.

Credit Control

Shipthis allows you to gain visibility into customers’ activity balance, past credit history, and credit status to minimize days of sales outstanding. Combined with customer performance scores in Shipthis CRM, our accounting module allows you to strengthen your credit controls and reduce bad debt write-offs.

Advanced Reports for Insightful Information

Empower your freight forwarding business with our easy-to-use advanced report function. Shipthis allows you to quickly generate pre-built and customized reports, check the financial condition and cash flow through financial reports, and get greater visibility into your financial health.

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Receivables and Payable Control

Shipthis Accounts Receivable and Payable feature provides you with complete visibility to ensure optimal cash flow management. Keep track of all your receivables and payables at all times on the dashboard, and send reminders for pending payments from your customers and clients.

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Tax Compliant Platform

With Shipthis's Tax Compliant Accounting Software and Accounts ERP, you can easily manage accounting and tax data, create and send tax calculated invoices, determine tax liability, and instantly generate return reports. The module helps clients meet their compliance obligations by ensuring that the tax submissions are as per the statutory guidelines.

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Approval Workflow

Shipthis approval workflow provides a simple and effective way of ensuring that invoices, costings, and quotations posted get automatically routed to concerned personnel for approval.

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