eAWB Submission

Simplify and automate your air cargo movement, from origin to destination. Shipthis’ electronic air waybill submission (eAWB) feature allows freight forwarders that work with multiple airlines to consolidate and streamline their connectivity.

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e-AWB Wizard
Cost Saving
No Rekeying Data
Reduce Manual Labour
Improve Accuracy

Go Paperless

Move air cargo from origin to destination with eAWB. With Shipthis eAWB, you can streamline and simplify the air cargo process by cutting out printing, archiving and handling countless paper AWBs.

Abandon Lengthy, Manual Processes

Simplify the AWB process. With Shipthis, eliminate the time and fees of transmitting AWBs individually. Prevent human error, save time spent waiting at the airline desk and the fees charged by airlines for transmitting AWB individually. And What’s more, you even save on processing costs due to the removal of paper AWBs.

Real-Time View of Shipment State

Easily track your shipment in real-time at any given moment. The Shipthis Bot automatically monitors your air cargo, providing real-time updates on the movement of your freight. Gain real-time access to AWB data and identify the location of each aircraft along with all delays and other information.

Accurate AWBs, always

Digitizing the entire AWB process improves data quality and accuracy. eAWB reduces delays, allowing freight forwarders to provide streamlined air cargo services to the shippers, improving customer satisfaction and increasing efficiency.

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By digitising AWBs, you can improve the data quality and accuracy. The entire Air Cargo process is simplified for all participants involved with the implementation of eAWBs.

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