Sales Management

Shipthis Freight Forwarding Sales Module offers the most advanced capabilities to help you streamline your freight forwarding sales operations in a single platform. Manage your sales team, streamline your sales operations, gain an overall view of your customer lifecycle and sales efficiencies and reach your sales targets and revenue.

Taking Sales to the Next Level - A Glimpse of Our Sales Management System

Sales Opportunity Overview

Shipthis Sales Opportunity Overview gives you complete control to manage and monitor your progress across different deal stages in the sales process. It improves sales communication by providing customer insights like key contact information, email and communication history, documents, previous quotes, invoices, and more. We help you stay updated with information about your customers across countries and divisions and help you make better and faster decisions to take the deal forward.

Follow-Ups and Tasks

Get more from your sales process by never having to miss out on any leads. With Shipthis. you can automatically assign follow-ups, and set reminders and tasks for your salespeople to follow up. Create a sales process best suited to your organization and define key metrics to increase productivity and decrease response time

Dashboards and Reports

Shipthis allows you to oversee and manage all your sales and business-related information in one comprehensive, customizable dashboard. Bring all your sales tasks on a single dashboard team together by connecting all your tasks in one place with periodic updates. So that the teams can focus on selling and spend less time on administrative tasks or searching for data they need.

Integrated System

Shipthis sales module integrates with CRM and other Shipthis modules to give you a complete overview of your freight forwarding operations. With these integrations, you can effortlessly manage all your customers, shipments, accounts, and sales process in one comprehensive solution without the hassle of switching between multiple softwares.

Sales Operations

With Shipthis, you can improve sales performance and manage your entire sales process efficiently. Stay on top of your field agents by visiting and tracking appointments, checking completed meetings, outcomes, daily-routes traveled, and goals achieved. We help you stay agile and connected to all your customer requirements and ensure that you are always available.

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Customer Life Cycle

Shipthis sales management module helps you track and oversee your entire customer life cycle. Manage all your customers, sales processes, follow-ups, and more with Shipthis. Examine purchase history, post-sales service, support, and your customers' history of interactions to facilitate better interaction with your customers. Effective and efficient life cycle management will help you generate revenue and better manage your business organization.

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Sales Incentives

Shipthis Sales Incentives feature is designed to help you create and maintain commissions and incentive plans based on several customizable rules such as employee role, tenure or sale type. You get a clear and high-level insight into your sales team's performance while ensuring that your sales team is on track to achieve their targets. You can also seamlessly modify compensation and incentive plans to emphasize business priorities.

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Sales Pipeline

Shipthis allows you to track sales from start to finish. Effortlessly define stages in your sales pipeline, speed up the pipeline movement, and know exactly how many leads are available at each stage, so your team can win high probable sales opportunities. Prioritize, forecast, focus, and quickly identify each opportunity's details and ensure that all details are accurate, and uncover the best possible opportunities.

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