Freight Forwarding Warehouse Management Solution

Our warehousing solution is optimized for 3PLs, NOVCC freight forwarders, and logistics providers. Shipthis Warehouse Management Solution provides automated support to optimize your warehouse operations and take active control of all goods movement and stock management. You gain clear visibility of shipments, thereby reducing logistics costs.

A complete WMS, which allowing you to optimize your warehouse operations

Effortless Inventory Visibility, for both you and your customers

Shipthis enables you to view real-time inventory levels, create reports and export your data to a spreadsheet for your analysis, in a single dashboard. You can manage, control, and coordinate all aspects of your warehouse management. The integrated visualization system offers operators an overview of all events in real-time.

Seamless Integration with Devices

Gain increased control and visibility with Shipthis device integration interfaces. You can integrate handheld scanners and devices to manage all your inventory effortlessly. We also provide Hardware Integrations with Scanners, Handhelds Scales, Printers, and Labels to ease your warehouse operations. You can effortlessly generate a unique barcode for every individual inventory and transactions with our advanced 1D and 2D enabled PDA barcode tracking system, which helps you identify the necessary inventory amongst thousands of its peers and retrieve the relevant data.

Easily Generate Warehouse Documents

Shipthis allows you to generate Warehouse Labels with ease. Shipping Labels eliminate errors that often occur through manual inventory tracking and recording. These labels also improve the efficiency and productivity of employees easily locate the right items and shelves to prepare shipments.

Manage Receipt and Delivery With Ease

Shipthis allows you to streamline your warehouse management operations. Compare received shipment with a purchase order using just one click. Enter blind receipts or automate received shipment using mobile scanning devices.

Inventory Management

Shipthis Warehouse Management Solution provides real-time product or inventory tracking. Increased visibility enables you to easily manage your warehouse operations with features like tracking by inventory, warehouse, location, FIFO, LIFO, and Multi UOM. These features also helps you to scale your warehouse operations and improve business growth. You can manage inventory in real-time, with data existing as per the latest order, shipment, or receipt and any movement in between.

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Purchase Order Management

Shipthis Warehouse Management Solution allows you to effortlessly create and manage the surplus number of purchase orders and consignment orders from a single detail-oriented order management module. Moreover, it helps you keep records to track them seamlessly with our highly efficient and simplified order management solution.

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Inbound Operations

Shipthis Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps you carry out all your inbound operations with ease. Receive advanced shipment notifications directly with constant status updates. You can optimize your inbound procedures and seamlessly control and track the real-time location of trailers.

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Outbound Operations

Automate and improve warehouse management and operations with Shipthis WMS. The solution helps identify and correct inefficiencies in warehouse operations. You can group orders/freight, and exceed customer requirements in a cost-effective e and efficient manner. Not only does warehouse optimization result in a healthier baseline, but it also improves key warehouse metrics like accurate orders and on-time delivery.

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