Streamline Global Trade Compliance

Simplify all your cross-border trade compliance activities with Shipthis. Shipthis facilitates international trade by offering a suite of global trade and customs compliance solutions to streamline and simplify all your technical and legal filings, border procedures such as customs declarations, and other regulatory requirements.

Self Submission
Eliminate Errors
Streamline Operations
Increases Visibility
Enable Full Compliance
Go Paperless

Minimize Risks, Maximize Efficiency

Consolidate all your regulatory transactional messages from your shipment details into the correct customs declaration format as required by the regulatory bodies minimizing the risks of fines, penalties, shipment delays, etc. A team of experts will help to execute your customs process with compliance and efficiency.

Easy Regulatory Submission

Streamline the entire clearance process across all borders. Shipthis facilitates easy regulatory submission by simplifying complex border controls and customs regulations, for import and export shipments, at both - origin and destination.

Cross Border Trade Visibility

Gain greater visibility and control over your shipments and simplify cross-border trade by self-filing directly with customs instead of using a customs broker. Shipthis makes global trade compliance accessible, predictable, and easier to fulfill by reducing the risk of penalties and fines, fees, and errors.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

International Trade Compliance often requires a great deal of work, with complexities arising from shifting trade regulations and tariffs, internal requests, and the sheer volume of basic tasks. Shipthis automates submissions and helps you gain valuable time through a seamless trade document exchange process. Shipthis makes the trade compliance process simple, fast, and efficient

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To effectively manage your supply chain, it is important to understand global trade compliance regulations.

Global Trade Compliance can be chaotic. See how you can Simplify Trade Compliance.