Freight Forwarding Vendor Portal

Shipthis Vendor Portal enables you to manage, connect, communicate and interact with your suppliers, agents, carriers effortlessly and drive improvements to your supply chain.

The Most User-Friendly Vendor Portal

Efficient Vendor Compliance

Shipthis vendor compliance process efficiently and effectively manages and analyze all aspects of your company's and your suppliers' compliance with statutory, legal, BBBEE and technical requirements. Our solution helps you take control of your freight costs through the use of the right processes and technology.

All in One Vendor Dashboard

Shipthis provides you an exhaustive dashboard that displays an overall summary of your supply chain activities. You can see all your active contracts and receive constant updates on each one's progress. Get automated notifications for contracts on the brink of expiry for you to renew them on time, ensuring that the workflow is unimpeded.

Effective Vendor Payables Management

Effective management of payables has a direct impact on a manufacturing operation's profitability. With Shipthis, you can ensure proper controls are in place, such as scheduled payments, manufacturers can take advantage of supplier discounts and significantly lower purchasing costs. GLOVIA G2's Accounts Payable accounting management ERP software module helps manufacturers establish the necessary controls within a well-structured accounting framework.

Building Long-term Vendor Relationship

Simplify vendor relationships by having all vendor related information, life cycles, business history etc. in a central repository. Shipthis Vendor Management System offers key benefits from building transparency with your supplier to drive long-term savings and improved earnings and a smoother flow of data.

White Labelled Web Based Vendor Portal

With Shipthis, you can provide vendors with their own secure access to relevant records, removing the administrative burden from internal teams. Use automation to manage onboarding, compliance, and other key processes.

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Contract Management

Shipthis Vendor Management Portal allows you to manage contracts, supplier information, lifecycle, documentation, and other vital information all in one place. Get centralized end-to-end visibility into the current status of all supplier contracts. Mitigate risks, reduce costs and ensure compliance by automating your contract lifecycle. Manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place.

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Performance Management

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Integrated Supplier Management

The all-in-one solution for modern logistics and supply chain management. Shipthis offers an all-in-one solution for logistics and supplier chain management.By integrating across Accounting, Quotation, Shipments, Warehousing, and more, seamlessly exchange data in real-time and manage your entire freight forwarding process from one comprehensive solution.

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