User Role and Access Management

Provide clarity to your teams by defining and managing the roles and access privileges of individual users. No matter how large your team is, you can easily oversee and control all roles and privileges in an easily customisable panel. Setup access rights based on the company, branch or department so only approved individuals or teams can access certain files.

Module Level Permissions
Custom Profiles & Roles
Data Sharing Rules
Manage Teams
Field Level Permissions
Organizational Hierarchy

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control is essential for any organization. Managing role-based access makes it easy during large operations. Shipthis helps control and monitor how your employees perform day-to-day work and group them based on their job roles in the organization.

Manage Your Team, Efficiently and Effortlessly

With Shipthis, assign your team roles and privileges, so they have access to only appropriate resources. Each team member can be given access to different functions that define what account permissions those users have and what actions they can take, specific to their roles in the organization.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Shipthis Role-based Access Management offers a streamlined approach. All the roles in your company can be aligned with the organizational structure of your business, enabling users to do their jobs more efficiently and freely.

Secure Your Organization

With Shipthis, manage user roles easily, and get complete audit trails of user activities throughout the platform. Efficiently manage new employees or changes in an employee's department. Role-based Access Control eliminates paperwork and helps easily change a user's designated role in the organization.

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