Together, we can evolve
the freight forwarding industry

The future of freight is changing. Digital transformation is now the need of the hour for freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are moving to tech based operations faster than ever. At Shipthis, we aim to help freight forwarders seamlessly transition into a next generation organisation by digitising their business.

Technology Partner

Become a technology partner with Shipthis for large scale projects where our combined experience, inputs and technological expertise ensure that our customers get the most optimal solution to their problem.

Sales Partner

Become a sales partner with Shipthis. We rely on companies like yours to provide coverage and industry expertise on new and upcoming freight forwarding organisations. Together, we can form an impactful business alliance, to achieve better market access and ensure deal fulfilment.

Pilot with shipthis

We always love to hear feedback. Become a pilot tester and be the first to test and evaluate every new module we release, under a real-time operating condition. This allows you to evaluate the application’s robustness and productivity, the development speed and the quality of the code, and we get to make the software better.

Investment Opportunities

We believe that our services can change the future of the freight forwarding industry. We have a full business plan available on request. We at Shipthis are passionate about what we do and invite any interested angel investors to contact us to discuss this investment proposal further.