We believe freight forwarding
software should go far beyond just
executing a shipment

Who are we

We are a growing team of passionate professionals with backgrounds in the shipping, technology, finance, and logistics industry

Shipthis core team brings with them experience managing logistics for the largest importers & exporters across the globe working for companies including Cisco and Wipro.

Tech Experts

Finance Wizards

Logistics Professionals

Customer Relations

Design Leaders

Future Freight Forwarding is Digital

Our mission is to help Freight Forwarding businesses to Evolve into Digital Freight Forwarders. Our goal is to empower a resilient future for freight forwarders to thrive in a world defined by disruption and fuelled by transformative technology by offering an agile, reliable, easy to use, secure and unified solution that will significantly reduce development time and resources required to keep up with the modern technology and make them successful.

Digitally Interconnected Freight Forwarders

We envisage a future of digitally interconnected freight forwarders, cultivated and leveraged through the digital strength of Shipthis platform to serve their customers’ diverse needs in a connected market place from anywhere in the world.

Why Shipthis?

Easy to Use

Our systems are intuitive, easy to use and have a low learning curve allowing your employees to be up and running in no time!

Integrations with APIs and EDIs

Transfer and receive data with ease from organizations or any third-party apps with Shipthis.

AI Driven & Realtime Tracking

Use our powerful AI capabilities in multiple aspects helping you streamline your entire organisation processes

Automate Manual Tasks

Automate manual tasks and speed up various tasks saving time for your entire team.

Our platform encompasses the latest technologies and industry expertise for comprehensive functionality

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We know that no two companies are alike. Our platform can be fine tuned to match your organization's unique business requirements.

Our platform encompasses the latest technologies and industry expertise for comprehensive functionality

We’re global

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