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$89 for all our modules
Shipment and Freight Management
Customer Relationship Management
Tariff and Rate Module
Quotation Module
Freight Accounting Module
Warehouse Management System
per user/per month
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For Enterprises
Custom plan to suite your operations
Everything in Shipthis +
Implementation & Customization Services
Dedicated Migration Assistance
Custom Terms and SLAs
Options for Hosting, Security & Compliance
Dedicated Support
All-Inclusive Solution to Unlock Value Across Your Freight Operations
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Multi Modal Shipment Management
Sea, Air, Land and Rail Freight Management
Shipment Dashboard & Operational Reports
Shipment Lifecycle Management
Shipping Documentation Generation
Workflow and Task Automation
Multi Branch and Interbranch Job Transfer
Customer Lifecycle Management
Customer Specific Margins Charge Configuration
Customer Party Management (Shippers and Consignee)
Customer Automatic Notifications
Meeting and Call Logging
Shipment Status Updates
Tariff and Rate
Freight Rates/Tariff Upload
Port and Local Charges Upload
Spot Rate Integrations
Product Specific Charges
Shipping Line Specific Charges
Margin and Charge Configuration
Instant Freight Quotes
Multi Currency Quotes
Multi Lane Quote Management
Quotation Dashboard
Quotation Workflow Management
Freight Accounting
Receivables and Payables Management
Costing and Revenue Management
Forex Currency Management
Audit Trails
Contra Accounting
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Receipt and Release (Inbound and Outbound)
Inventory Management
Warehouse Operation and Storage Charges
Warehouse Companion App
SKU Wise Visibility
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Track and Trace
Effortless Shipment Tracking for Air, Sea and Land
Seamless shipment executions across your regional and international operations
eAWB Management
Submit eAWBs directly to over 190 airlines directly from Shipthis
Trade Compliance Messaging
Enhance Trade Compliance via global trade connectivity to over 20 countries
EDI and API Integrations
Optimize your supply chain execution with seamlessly integrated EDI, API, and web-hook connections.
Bank Integration
Integrate with leading banks around the world, and get bank statements with direct feeds.
Report Customisations
Customized reporting for actionable insights
Configurations and Setup
Shipthis Assistance throughout your onboarding journey
Evolve Into a Digitized Freight Forwarder

Go Head to Head with Digital First Freight Forwarders

Empower your customers with instant access to their shipments, quotes, documents, and invoices through a fully customized, white-labeled web and mobile app.

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Shipthis's White Labelled Web and Mobile App for your customers to easily manage quotes, shipments, invoices, and more.

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All your questions answered - FAQs

How do you calculate the subscription cost?

With our per user pricing model, you have the flexibility to pay for precisely what you need. Your subscription cost is determined based on the number of users utilizing the system. Whether you have a small team or a large organization, our pricing structure is designed to accommodate your user requirements.

What is a user, and how does user billing work in Shipthis?

In Shipthis, a "user" refers to an individual who can log in to our platform and is managed within the User Management system. Our pricing offers flexibility, allowing you to add users as your team evolves and your business needs change.

What exactly is included in the subscription cost?

Shipthis subscription includes access to all modules required for end-to-end freight operations. Our comprehensive package offers a wide range of features and functionalities designed to streamline and optimize your shipping processes. Request a demo to learn more.

What other costs should I consider apart from the subscription fee?

Apart from the subscription fee, additional costs may be incurred for specific add-ons based on your needs. These add-ons, such as Track and Trace, Trade Messaging, and eAWB submission, are billed on a transactional basis. This means you only pay for the add-ons you consume, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness based on your usage.

How does the free trial work?

The Shipthis 30-Day Free Trial offers you a complete experience of our comprehensive freight management solution for an entire month at no cost. Throughout this trial period, our team will actively engage with you to gain a thorough understanding of your specific requirements and business processes. This ensures that when you decide to go live with Shipthis, you can maximize its functionality and tailor it to fit your needs perfectly.a

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

No credit card information is required when signing up for the Shipthis 30 Day Free Trial. You can fully explore and test our system during the trial period without providing any payment details. Only when you have made the decision to proceed and sign a Master Service Agreement with us, will you be requested to set up the payment method. We prioritize providing a risk-free trial experience, allowing you to thoroughly evaluate Shipthis before making any financial commitments.

Can I pay annually or quarterly?

We offer flexible payment options to accommodate your preferences. You can choose between annual and quarterly payment terms, selecting the option that aligns best with your business requirements. This allows you to tailor the payment schedule according to your needs and budget.

How do I upgrade my plan?

At Shipthis, we offer a single plan that includes all the features you need for your freight operations, eliminating the need for plan upgrades. Our all-encompassing solution provides comprehensive functionality from the start. Additionally, you can further enhance your software by utilizing our add-ons for additional functionalities tailored to your specific requirements. With the Shipthis plan, you also benefit from automatic inclusion of all future upgrades, feature releases, and new modules, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and most advanced freight management capabilities without any additional cost.

What is the implementation process like?

At Shipthis, we believe that one size doesn't fit all. That's why our implementation process is tailored to provide a customized solution based on the requirement discussions. A timeline and plan are then created, and a final workflow is prepared based on your specific business use case. Shipthis is configured with out-of-the-box functionalities and customized to align with your requirements. We adjust advanced settings to ensure optimal performance. After rigorous quality assurance and a comprehensive demonstration, you can confidently go live with Shipthis. Throughout the entire process and beyond, our dedicated team is committed to providing continual support, ensuring a seamless transition, and empowering you to make the most of Shipthis.

Do I need to pay implementation / setup fees for Shipthis? Can I self-onboard and use the system as is without any additional charges?

The presence of one-time setup fees for Shipthis depends on your specific requirements. The cost is calculated based on the time spent configuring and customizing the solution to meet your needs. However, if you choose to self-onboard and use the system as is without any changes, there won't be any additional charges. In such cases, we are still committed to providing you with the necessary support you require to ensure a successful implementation. Our goal is to accommodate your preferences and provide the level of assistance you need throughout the process.

Can my data be migrated from my existing system?

Shipthis provides seamless data migration capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly bring in your data from your previous system. You can easily transfer essential information such as the chart of accounts, customer profiles, vendor profiles, opening balances, customer accounts receivable (AR) opening balance, vendor accounts payable (AP) opening balance, parties associated with customers, and charge master. This ensures a smooth transition, enabling you to pick up right where you left off and continue your operations without disruption. Any other data that needs to be migrated can be discussed with our Onboarding Team.

Who do I need to reach out to for more information?

You can reach out with any inquiries or questions by sending an email to

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