Workflow and Productivity Management

Streamline the entire shipment process. Create a customized workflow that best suits your organization. This ensures the smooth flow of work and productivity; from the moment the shipment is created till the time it’s delivered.

Automate Manual Tasks
Boost Productivity
No Code Setup
Connect Processes
Create Standards for your Organization
Facilitate Collaboration

Customizable Workflows for Efficient Operations

Create custom workflows for every shipment mode, type, or Incoterms. Seamlessly carry out step-by-step shipment processes from start to finish by automating key steps, assigning tasks, and setting priorities by incorporating shipment milestones, container tracking, and exceptions.

Improve Team Productivity and Agility

Bring together your whole team to collaborate on shipments by assigning tasks with a single click. Shipthis provides an insightful dashboard, making it easy for employees to navigate complex processes and view all their pending tasks from workflows, to identifying the ones on high priority.

Connect Workflows to all of your Documentations

Stop wasting time on tedious to-do lists or lengthy email threads. Streamline your operations and the information flow by connecting documentation tasks to workflow. With Shipthis automate the system to send the customer all your shipment documents, pre-alerts, and notifications with pre-defined email as shipment events occur.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey

No matter where work happens, workflows drive productivity and great experiences. Enable easier collaboration and boost employee satisfaction. Generate pending task reports, use dashboards, and derive actionable insights.

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