Freight Quote Management

Shipthis simplifies importing of excel freight rate sheets into the platform. Our powerful automated Freight Rate Management system allows you to access your tariffs, generate freight quotes, and email directly from the quotation module saving time for your pricing team.

Quote faster than ever! View the history of all your rates and quotes so that you can make better business decisions and instantly quote your customers.

Monitor Status of Quotes

Streamline all active quotes and view them based on their status. See what quotes have been accepted by the customer, what quotes are still pending, and quotes that need further negotiation, all under a single view.

Multi-Currency Support

Shipthis provides you with multi-currency capabilities you can use in the quotation, invoicing, etc. for post and pre-leg shipment operations. You can choose to update your organization's exchange rates periodically with an accurate, up-to-date source.

Centralized Pricing

Store all your freight rates of multiple branches in one centralized database for easy access to all the information. With centralized data handling and transparency, you can analyze all your previous rate sheets faster.

Improved Quotes

The Freight Rate Management system helps streamline your freight rates irrespective of the number of rate sheets for ocean carriers, air freight, cartage, road, port charges, etc. Shipthis allows you to process complicated pricing plans, surcharges, and alternate shipping options effortlessly.

Detailed, Accurate Freight Quotes

Send freight quotes to your customers directly to their email. The detailed breakdown of the quote highlights key items so your customers receive in-depth information about their order.

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Multiple Quotes

Create multiple freight quotes for different shipments. Freight forwarders can easily change key metrics in the quote and automate the process to send the best and most accurate quotes to your customers.

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Quote Approval

Approvals are fast and easy. We ensure all costings, quotations, and invoices are routed through the concerned person who can effortlessly view and approve quotes on time.

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Significantly Speed Up Quotation

Effortlessly manage multiple contracts and automate the entire process of replying to your customer's quote requests directly in their email. All rates are stored in a single place, allowing your pricing team to instantly generate quote responses.

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