Don’t Let Your Customers Quotes Go Unanswered

In today's increasingly digital world, freight forwarders must prioritize efficiency and responsiveness to stay competitive. However, many forwarders struggle to meet this expectation, resulting in missed opportunities and dissatisfied clients.

To address this challenge, automation is key. By adopting a platform like Shipthis 3PL software, forwarders can streamline their quoting process, respond instantly to customer inquiries, and gain access to new business channels.

Don’t Let Your Customers Request for Freight Quotes Go Unanswered

The need for digitization is only increasing and becoming more integral in today’s world. Freight forwarders who cannot instantly offer a quote will be losing out. When it comes to moving goods the first thing they request from freight forwarders is a freight quote. 

What is Freight Quote?

A freight quote is an estimate given by the freight forwarder about the total cost of shipping, based on the information you provide - pickup and delivery location, date, and commodity type. Customers generally request for a quote as early as two weeks before shipment as they can compare, negotiate and get the best deal.

Why Request for Freight Quotes Go Unanswered

According to statistics, when it comes to shipping quotes, freight forwarders take hours or days to send a quote and at times forget to send it. Even the quotes that are finally received, may not offer the best deal.

With increasing numbers of shipments each day, and customers having to spend a lot of time manually requesting freight quotes from several separate freight carriers, the whole process becomes tedious and cumbersome. Carriers that are slow to adopt digitization can lose freight forwarding business opportunities due to delay or not replying to the customer on time. 

Therefore, it is important for the freight companies to automate the quote operations process for success of business and to keep the sales pipeline ticking.  

Why Efficient and Quick Quoting is more Important 

The only way to offer faster response to customers  is by automating the quote process. You need aplatform that  instantly responds to queries for a quote. With Shipthis 3PL software, frwarders can tap into channels that they didn’t have access to before.

Freight forwarders can manage and oversee all the active and pending quotes, and view the history of all the quotes they sent earlier, allowing them to make better business decisions.

  1. Saves you time 

By cutting out the process of having to manually look for rates, forwarders can now effortlessly respond to the customers request and look for other innovative solutions to gain more customers.. With Shipthis, forwarders can send detailed freight quotes   directly to customers email. This saves time for your employees, allowing them to dealefficiently and effectively on other issues.  

  1. Cuts down on manual errors 

Getting the rates from the shipping liners and then sending the quotes to the customers involves multiple manual steps. It can be tedious, time consuming and can at times lead to errors. With Shipthis, forwarders can send automated freight quotes, providing a detailed breakdown of the quote, to the customers directly in their email.  

  1. No more endless Emails and Excel Sheets 

The pricing team spends a large amount of time deciphering lengthy Excel sheets with 1000s of rows from shipping liners. To find the desired rate and then mail it to the customer takes time . With Shipthis, freight forwarders can upload their rate sheets into the platform and create instant quotes with the click of a button. Forwarders can access all their tariffs & quotes in real-time and generate quotes effortlessly.

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