7 Reasons You Need Smart Documentation in Freight Forwarding

This article highlights the benefits of implementing cloud-based shipping document management software in the freight forwarding industry. It emphasizes the importance of going paperless and automating the documentation process to avoid errors and improve efficiency.

By generating and uploading shipment documents digitally, freight forwarders can streamline data flow, save time, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

Go Paperless, Instantly Generate Accurate Documents

Cloud-based shipping document management software can help you automate the documentation process and avoid potentially manual errors and pitfalls.  It allows employees and customers to generate and upload all their shipment documents. This streamlines the flow of shipping data to all parties involved in the supply chain. With the documentation being in a digital format, freight forwarders are not only able to gain a competitive edge, but also save time, improve efficiency and reduce documentation and admin fees. 

Shipping becomes easier for freight forwarders as the software generates all important shipment documents with a single click.   The entire process of capturing important information from forms and documents and then submitting the data is fast and accurate. Freight forwarders can provide a seamless experience expereince by automating the documentation process. 

Need of Smart Documentation in Freight Forwarding

Industries today are adopting digitalization, with the emergence of new technologies. However, the freight forwarding industry is slow in adopting technology and many organizations continue to operate in a very traditional way. 

With a mountain of paperwork required for each delivery, many logistics companies struggle to stay on top. When items span international borders, these problems are only multiplied. 

Shipment documentation is critical to the supply chain industry.  when it comes to transporting goods, keeping precise records and tracking stored and shipped goods is important for accuracy and to prevent errors, which can be extremely costly. 

In most cases, the documents are manually created, and employees have to enter the same data multiple times. This is an unreliable process that is prone to errors and hinders the consistency and accuracy of the operations.

7 Benefits of Digitizing Documents

Enhanced data accuracy, reduces errors and mistakes

Any process that is repetitive and involves manual input is bound to be error-prone. Employees can miss out on entering important information resulting in unreliable or faulty documents. By using the Shipthis Smart Document feature, freight forwarders can instantly generate accurate documents with the click of a button. 

Streamlined shipping and transportation processes

Smart documentation is an integral  part of digitizing your freight forwarding business. All documents can be instantly generated  without employees having to go through endless emails and processes , streamlining the entire shipment process. 

Improved information accessibility

Shipthis’s smart documentation module can help freight forwarders operate more efficiently. All the necessary details are instantly available to employees and customers, streamlining information exchange between all parties involved.

Promotes Team Work

Shipthis’s documentation tools and workflow management allows employees from different departments of the organization  to work, collaborate , and share documents internally and externally with ease. Streamlining this process allows everyone to stay on top of what is happening, always. 

Increases Efficiency and Productivity

Document Management Software takes care of managing and organizing all the paper and digital documents, receipts, invoices, etc. in a more efficient and secure way. These documents can be tracked easily, and retrieved when required. This enables employees to focus on other revenue-generating tasks, as a result, productivity also increases.

Improves Consistency

Document management software helps complete the freight document process from start to finish, ensuring consistency, and allows your team to learn from both their successes and their mistakes.

Promotes Transparency 

Documentation is one of the main cause of delay in onboarding clients. With an efficient documentation tool, onboarding process is streamlined, and the client feels cared for and will be more likely to stick around.

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