Benefits of a Self Service Customer Portal in Freight Forwarding

A self-service customer portal in freight forwarding is crucial for enhancing the customer experience. It provides transparency, saves time, reduces operational workload, strengthens the brand, facilitates communication, and improves customer acquisition.

By offering a comprehensive online platform, businesses can empower customers, increase satisfaction, and drive success.

Why Self Service Customer Portal in Freight Forwarding is important?

Regardless of any industry or what kinds of products and services you may offer, your customer is an essential part of your business. Without Stunning Customer Service, Your Business Will Never Be Great. This applies to the freight forwarding industry as well.

As technology advances, logistics customers expect friendly, efficient, and reliable service that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. To meet these heightened expectations and stay ahead, businesses must embrace technology to enhance the customer experience.

Simply put, a critical part of retaining your existing customers and gaining new customers is about giving them new experiences technologies - a self-service Online customer portal, a one stop solution for all customer activities where they manage their shipments, track thier shipment lifecycle, see and pay invoices, monitor their quotes, and more.

The actual value of providing a customer portal is:

1. Communication Transparency and Visibility to your Customer 

Shipthis provides digital services to your customers via a private and secure white-labeled solution embedded in your website. It enables your customers to log on to portal and enter quote requests, receive instant quote responses, confirm bookings, attach/view documents, invoices, monitor shipment status, track and trace their shipment, chat functionality, view multiple reports, and more all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard. Shipthis Customer Portal combines real-time, multichannel communication and visibility, putting the customer at the center of your operations.

2. Saves Customers Time

Shipthis customer portal is easily accessible as web app/ webpage. The customer portal applications are engaging, allowing the customer looking  for information can easily find it on the portal. Eliminating the need to call a support executive also gives the customers a sense of control. If required, customers can effortlessly chat with support executives and don't have to engage in a time-consuming back-and-forth discussion over email.

3.Customer Portal Reduces Operations Workload

Customer Portal enables your customers to easily manage and access all information related to the shipment in a single dashboard view. Your customers can conveniently access data with a single click, staying on top of their queries, documents, and shipments without navigating between different pages. By allowing customers to be self-reliant, the operations staff can work on the more pressing issues and focus on revenue generation activities. 

4.Your Customer Portal, Your Brand

With the customer portal tailored to suit your brand, customers are reassured that they are in the right place. You can build brand loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value. 

5. Communication Made Easy

Communication with customers is vital for increased customer satisfaction. while, minor miscommunications can lead to big misunderstandings. With Shipthis, you can automate the communications process like replying to quote requests, approvals, documentation, etc., to ensure you are always available to your customers. 

6. Improve Customer Acquisition

Providing better service and faster solutions will make your customers happy and  satisfied. Satisfied customers will recommend your brand to their friends and acquaintances , and we all know that word-of-mouth publicity is one of the most powerful forms of communication. This will, in turn, generate several new business prospects and allow you to improve customer acquisition. 

An online customer portal reduces support costs, allows your customers to be self-reliant and have all their data in one place. You gain satisfied customers, happier employees, and an improved bottom line. 

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