Evolve into a Digitized Business with our Comprehensive Freight Forwarding Software

Shipthis Cloud-Based ERP offers the most advanced capabilities to streamline your complete freight operations and elevate customer experience. Leverage AI and machine learning to automate business processes, achieve operational excellence, and eliminate manual errors to boost your productivity and growth.

Streamline your Entire Freight Management Operations

Seamlessly Manage Shipment Life Cycle

Shipthis allows you to oversee and manage your entire shipment life cycle with ease. The Shipthis bots are pre-built and trained to automate key events in the life cycle, triggering automatic alerts, and ensuring that you and your customers are always notified of any changes.

Real Time Track & Trace Capabilities

With Shipthis Track and Trace capabilities, you and your customer can stay on top of the shipment location at all times. With a single click you can easily track and trace air and sea shipments from over 100+ airlines and shipping lines, in real-time at any given point in time. You and your customers can receive notifications of shipment status details by merely entering the MBL, and AWB number. Shipthis's Track and Trace is built for speed, simplicity, and convenienc

Generate Accurate Shipment Documents

Shipthis Document Management System enables you to automate and streamline the complex shipping documents required for global trade, compliance, and logistic processes.

Task Management

Our Task Management panel integrates all freight forwarding management functions, so you get detailed visibility into every ongoing shipment and past activity. Create and monitor milestones, set deadlines, and take adequate measures to guide your team towards them. We help you keep track of all your employee tasks seamlessly with automated workflows ensuring jobs get done on time.

Know where your shipment is, at all times

Shipthis automates key events during the shipment cycle, providing you with constant status updates along the way. The status updates contain the date, time, and status of the shipment, including actual inland and onboard movements. It also automatically makes revisions, notifying all parties of any changes. Shipthis Status Updates allow easy access to real-time information about your operations at all stages using our unified platform.

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All your insightful data, in one dashboard

Shipthis gives you the data you need, all in one place. It enables you to stay on top of your shipments with logistics timelines, assign custom actions on stage like the change of any shipment, send emails, push notifications or generate documents. You can manage everything from automated booking of shipments, consistent and flexible supplier communications, invoice reconciliations, configurable report analysis, and more.

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Multi-Modal Shipment Capabilities

Shipthis Freight Forwarding ERP allows you to plan and execute multi-leg and multi-modal international shipments from ocean to air and rail for the long haul. Reduce costly manual processes by automating all your workflow from a single unified platform. Our shipment module is designed to meet all the requirements for processing multi-modal shipments, right from booking to payment settlement. We help you streamline shipment processes enabling your customers to get accurate and real-time updates on their shipments without leaving the platform.

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Gain Complete Visibility and Control

Shipthis is an all-in-one platform that optimizes real-time tracking and status updates, increasing visibility and control over your operations and customers. Combined with other features like CRM, Web app, and Mobile App, the platform gives your customer greater end-to-end visibility.

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