Freight Tariff and Rate Management

Shipthis Tariff and Rate Management module automates pricing functions with transport rate database. Easily upload all your rate sheets, port charges, local charges etc. into our rate engine.

Easily Upload all your Tariffs and Rates

Import all your FCL, LCL and Air Cargo Rates

Shipthis enables you to upload individual freight chargers or import excel sheets with all charges for air freight or sea freight services (FCL and LCL)

Pre Configure all your Port Charges

Shipthis Tariff and Rate Management solution allows you to seamlessly import excel sheets with all rates for easy and efficient quoting. You can create your own matrix, and add rates for each port or airport.

Manage all Cartage Charges

Shipthis allows you to easily configure other Pre Legs and Post Leg charges with ease. Effortlessly manage and quote local and inland transport charges from/to different ports, airports, and locations worldwide.

Specify Margins for Each of Your Charges

Shipthis charge configuration allows you to define and set your own matrix with specific ranges per km, container type, or kg. You can even choose the currency of your rates for efficient quoting to global customers. Charge configuration allows you to easily change and edit charges in each category that have been previously added.

Effortless Rate Sheet Upload To Reduce Time Taken To Quote

With Shipthis, you can easily upload rate sheets and send instant quotes to customers directly into their mailbox. Moreover, you can even configure the system to send automated SPOT quotes.

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No More Scrolling Through Endless Excel Sheets

Using excel to manage transportation rates, quotes, and contracts can be a challenge. Managing the volume, and updating the changing rates on contracts is not easy and can lead to errors and delays. Shipthis makes managing your rates and contracts a breeze, improving efficiency, service, and visibility. Upload all your rates into the platform and use them to instantly quote your customers.

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Send Detailed, Accurate Quotes Always

Shipthis Freight Rate Management system streamlines the freight rates, right from handling different rate sheet formats to managing different currencies. Access quotes and rates on the go on your mobile. Shipthis allows you to process complex pricing plans, surcharges, and alternate shipping options effortlessly. Quote your customers using rate cards to ensure the customer always receives accurate quotes.

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Complete Overview

With Shipthis, you can gain full view of your performance and easily analyze all your previous rate sheets. It will help facilitate easy access to information, centralized data handling, and transparency. You can digitize and centralize it for you to easily access.

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What's Included

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