Un-Complicate Your Shipping Freight Rate Sheets

Simplify freight rate management with a Tariff and Rate Management solution. Automate quote generation, streamline rate sheet consolidation, and access the latest data in one centralized platform. Say goodbye to manual tracking and tedious analysis. Save time and increase efficiency with Shipthis.


Shipping liners play a vital role in the supply chain industry, impacting the global economy significantly. However, the complexity of unstructured rate sheets poses a challenge. These rate sheets typically contain thousands of port pairs, lines with rates and surcharges, and a staggering number of unique rates for different equipment types. Imagine sifting through over 500,000 rates in a single freight sheet for just one trade direction, with a limited validity of two weeks. To make matters worse, these sheets are often emailed as Excel attachments, requiring manual tracking of frequent rate changes. The process becomes time-consuming and tedious for forwarders who need to analyze multiple unstructured freight rate sheets to provide accurate quotes to customers. By automating and simplifying the quotation and rate sheet processes, forwarders can save time and effort, allowing them to focus on more productive revenue-generating tasks.

Benefits of a Rate Management Software

Everything you need, in one place

You gain access to the latest data and rates across geography. You can view and analyze all your previous rate sheets in one place. Shipthis Tariff and Rate Management solution facilitates easy access to information, centralized data handling, and transparency ensuring efficient workflow. With specific permissions given to team members, you are always in control of your rate sheets. You can easily process complex quotes, surcharges, and offer alternative shipping options .

One time rate sheet upload 

With Shipthis, you can easily upload rate sheets into the platform during setup. Once completed, freight forwarders can consolidate, optimize, and streamline the flow of documents with rates coming in from various shipping liners, and send instant quote to your customers directly in their emails. This  saves time spent on obtaining quotes from carriers. What's more, you can even configure the system to send automated quotes with minimal intervention. Your sales and marketing teams are always in the loop. 

Send detailed and accurate quotes, always 

Our platform’s freight Rate Management Solution gets your freight rates streamlined irrespective of the number of rate sheets for ocean carriers, air freight, cartage, road, port charges, etc. Shitphis allows you to process complex pricing plans, surcharges, and alternate shipping options effortlessly. You have access to the  freight calculator to calculate and quote freight rates including freight shipping cost per pound, air freight, ocean & sea freight, and shipping freight rates.

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