Multi Branch Support

Shipthis supports multi branch functionality for freight forwarding businesses across various locations. Inter-branch integrations will allow automatic replication of corresponding jobs across multiple branch dashboards. Gain visibility into operations across all your business entities to drive decision-making.

Inter-Branch Shipments
Manage Data Branch Wise
Improved Operations
Branch Accounting
Multi Currency Support
Branch Wise Reports

Manage and Access Multiple Branches from a Single Platfrom

With Shipthis, you can effortlessly manage and access all your branches across geography by centralizing the branch operations. Get a complete, holistic, and real-time view of all your shipments, invoices, and finances across all your branches and locations, helping you become more efficient and gain total control of your business.

One Input for All Branches – Fast and Easy

Automating the operations ensures everything runs on its own and the other branches are updated with minimal staff intervention. This simple system removes double confirmation and data entry, thereby improving your operation efficiency time. As you facilitate the movement of your resources and products with ease, you can realize improved cash flow.

Complete Financial Visibility

Stay on top of your financial transactions across all branches. Shipthis allows you to monitor every transaction happening in each one of your branches, giving you complete control and visibility of all your finances and company performance, helping you improve your business in all aspects.

Simplified Accounting across all Branches and Locations

Simplify and manage multi-branch accounting all in one place. Shipthis helps streamline the handling of accounts of all branches, allocations of cost and profit, monitor invoices, vendor performance, receipt, credit notes, payments, inventory, internal transfers across branches. You can systematically control all your branch accounting under our robust platform.

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The supply chain industry has grown exponentially, especially across countries and regions. Managing a logistics company with branches spread across the world is not an easy task.

See how you can manage all your branches in your freight forwarding organisation.