Advanced Integrations

Shipthis makes all your applications and services work better by letting you easily integrate - both into and out of the Shipthis platform. Orchestrate your forwarding operation from a single platform and avoid context-switching. Unlock seamless and reliable operation and help your customer improve supply chain efficiency.

Streamline Processes
Automate Tasks
Unified and Secure
Improve Efficiency
Reduce Cost
Seamless Data Exchange

Integrated Supply Chain Management with Modern Integrations

Optimize your supply chain execution with seamlessly integrated EDI, API, and web-hook connections. Shipthis provides advanced integration capabilities to make valuable data available to be exchanged between and within businesses, organisations, government entities, and other versatile third-party apps with open and transparent APIs, EDIs, and web-hook capabilities. All data is integrated in one platform to provide you with full visibility of your supply chain.

Forward Looking - Transparent and Open API

Our API uses cutting-edge REST API functionality to deliver resource-oriented URLs that are efficient at exposing the maximum amount of functionality in an easy-to-use interface.

Better Together – Integrate With Your Customer's Business Applications

Leverage the Shipthis integration framework of prebuilt APIs, and Webhooks to enable Shipment, Warehouse Data, Inventories, Status Updates, etc. with your customers directly to their business application providing unmatched visibility and access to real-time data.

Legacy to Modern Platform

Modernize your legacy freight management system with Shipthis’s superior pre-built connectors and integration framework for legacy systems. With our integration templates, you can expose your data and services to web and mobile platform faster, making your digital transformation easier.

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Freight forwarders can use API to leverage information by integrating with already existing databases and current industry applications.

See how using EDI API Integrations impact your organisations efficiency