Generate all your Shipping Documents with Ease

Shipthis Document Management System enables you to automate and streamline the complex shipping documents required for global trade, compliance and logistic processes. Easily generate, store, access, download and share the freight documents in a few simple steps.

Digitize Documents
Enhanced Data Accuracy
Improved Information Accessibility
Reduced Document Processing Costs
Inbuilt PDF Generator
Automated Document Sharing

Improve Overall Freight Document Management

Generate extensive, customized, regulation-compliant, ready-to-go digital shipping documentation like delivery order, eManifest HBL, bill of lading, EWAB bills, MAWBS, eHBL close message document, arrival notice, pre-alert, etc. within the system for every shipment. Whether you are transporting your products locally or across geography, Shipthis ensures you have accurate documents, always.

Eliminate Endless Back-and-Forth Emails

Declutter your email inboxes and receive all your customer documents and shipping documents directly into the platform by allowing customers, agents, and other stakeholders to easily upload documents by dragging and drop into the portal contextually to shipment. Every document, attached by both the customer and you are easily viewable to both and is connected to specific shipments.

Go Paperless, Eliminate the need of Duplication of Data

Digitizing Documents helps minimize unnecessary and inefficient paperwork and enhances workplace productivity. Shipthis Smart Document Management feature allows you to instantly retrieve documents, and attach them automatically to your Email Communications right from your ERP, saving time and reducing delays.

Unleash the Power of Workflows

Streamline your operation by incorporating the documentation process into Shipthis’s Workflow and Productivity Management solution. Automate the sending and receiving of documentation organized around shipments lifecycle and milestones in real-time, for problem-free transit.

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Cloud-based shipping document management software can help you automate the documentation process and avoid potentially manual errors and pitfalls.

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