How a MultiModal TMS Can Streamline your Freight Operations

Multimodal transportation, utilizing multiple modes of transportation, is revolutionizing the shipment process. With advanced software like Shipthis, businesses can effortlessly manage and track shipments across air, ground, sea, and rail. This blog highlights the advantages of multimodal shipping, including increased control, streamlined documentation, advanced reporting, and reduced risks. Discover how embracing this approach can optimize your supply chain and boost operational efficiency.

Manage All Aspects of your Shipment Journey with Ease

Multimodal shipping also known as Inter Modal Transport, is the movement of goods using multiple modes of transportation by the carrier under a shipping contract. These shipping modes can be air, ground, sea, and rail. If your shipment needs to use multiple modes of transport, you would simply hire a multimodal carrier, also called the multimodal transport operator (MTO).

Shippers can use different types of shipment and transport modes to help move goods from one point to another. They can combine different transportation modes depending on the shipment and location to ensure that the goods reach the right place safely. 

Increase Overall Control and Visibility 

There are a number of steps involved when sending a shipment. Freight forwarders have to carry out the shipment processes without any hiccups. They need to    to ensure that the right shipment reaches the right person at the right time. Shipthis multimodal transportation software allows freight forwarders to plan and execute multi-leg and multi-modal international shipments via ocean, air, road or rail.  Automating all the workflows and tasks helps reduce costly manual processes. 

Centralized and Streamlined Documentation

Shipment documents provide key information and play a very crucial role in the Supply Chain Industry. While providing Multi-Modal services, organizations have to work with multiple documents, and tracking each individual document through different shipment modes is a cumbersome process. With intermodal TMSsoftware, freight forwarders can streamline the entire documentation process and provide easy access to  shipping data to all parties involved.

Advanced Reporting for Complete Overview

Clear, accurate reporting facilitates the decision-makers  to take action at the right time. Shipthis provides a meaningful, actionable, and real-time view of multiple standard reports related to your shipments, operations, financial performance, etc. providing the information integral to making  key business decisions.

Lower Risks and Inaccuracies in Shipments 

Employees in the freight forwarding organization carry out multiple manual tasks and processes. Any process that is repetitive and involves manual input is bound to be error-prone at times. With the help of intermodal TMS software like Shipthis, you gain complete visibility and control across multiple shipment modes and mitigate the risks of delays, as employees are always up to date on the status of the shipment. 

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