Why Freight Forwarders Should Focus on Providing Track and Trace Capabilities

In today's digital era, customers expect real-time updates on their shipments without the need for constant communication with freight forwarders. Implementing track and trace capabilities is crucial for freight forwarders to meet customer demands and stay competitive. With track and trace systems, customers can easily track their shipments' progress and receive notifications about any changes in status.

This article discusses the importance of providing track and trace capabilities, the benefits it offers, and the key functions of a track and trace portal, such as the Customer Portal provided by Shipthis.

Let's discuss Track and Trace Capabilities

Shipment life cycle starts once the consumer has booked a shipment. Customers expect to real-time  updates as the shipment completes its journey from origin to destination. Customers in the digital era aren’t keen on spending time communicating with the freight forwarders for shipment updates  so having a shipment tracking code can help. This makes it easy for the customer to check for updates at their own convenience and know where their package has reached. 

Freight forwarders who enable shipment tracking capabilities allow their customers to stay updated — in real-time — on where their shipment is at any given time.

Why it is imperative to provide Track and Trace capabilities?

Technology has made inroads into the freight forwarding and logistics world. Shippers, carriers, and startups are applying technology to stay ahead in their business. Customers today want information on the go. If you are a logistics provider, you need to adopt technology to stay competitive.

Track and Trace is one of the key aspects that a customer looks at while evaluating a freight forwarder.   

The tracking system provides the customers with important information regarding where their shipment is at any given point as it moves from origin to destination. With proper freight track and trace capabilities, customers can stay up to date about their shipment status without having to track with the freight forwarder You get regular notifications about any changes in the shipment status.

Benefits of providing Track and Trace to your customers

The ability to track and trace your shipment has a number of benefits. Customer can track his shipment and has complete visibility of the movement of goods. 

Meet and Exceed Customer Demands

Customers expect to know when the shipment will arrive. Global shipping tracking technology is now a must-have  for all freight forwarders. By providing clear express tracking services, companies are able to exceed customer demands by providing them with a seamless experience. 

Increase Operational Efficiency

Customer Support teams spend a lot of time taking updates from the shipping liners and then conveying the same details to the customer. By providing cargo track and trace, customers can find the information themselves, and employees can focus on revenue-generating tasks. What’s more, with advanced shipment tracking, freight forwarders can find optimal routes for their cargo, reduce fuel costs and streamline the shipment journey. 

Reduce Errors and Delays 

As the shipment moves from origin to the destination, there can be various reasons that may result in delays. With automated cargo tracking, freight forwarders are instantly notified about any hiccups during the life cycle and can work on getting the shipment back on track instantly. Detecting these errors early allows freight forwarders to take action early and provide better customer service.

Key Functions of a Track and Trace Portal

With Shipthis, freight forwarders can provide customers a web-based, white-labeled Customer Portal, where the customer can log in and view any information related to their shipments. The Customer Portal provides the customers a detailed view of the shipment's status, with accurate information on where each shipment is, eliminating the “Hey, where is my shipment?” question. 

Customers receives notifications and pre-alerts as the shipment moves along its journey. With the Customer Portal, customers can also view their important shipment documents, including the Bill of Lading, Arrival Notice, etc. Customers can even share the link to allow any other parties involved to track their shipments.

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