Assumed Receipt

What is
Assumed Receipt

"Assumed Receipt” is the principle wherein the shipping and receiving personnel assumes that the contents delivered are the same as those mentioned in the delivery or shipping note. Aided by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), this practice facilitates rapid receiving and eliminates invoices.  

The Power of EDI and ASN in Assumed Receipt

The synergy between Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is pivotal for the Assumed Receipt process. EDI's ability to transmit standardized documents electronically pairs seamlessly with ASN's detailed notifications about forthcoming shipments. This combination not only prepares the receiving end for what is to arrive but also sets the stage for a swift and seamless acceptance process, eliminating the traditional reliance on physical invoices and extensive manual verification.

Advantages of Assumed Receipt in Modern Logistics

Adopting Assumed Receipt offers a plethora of benefits that can significantly uplift operational efficiency and accuracy:

  • Streamlined Receiving Processes: With the details of incoming shipments known in advance, companies can prepare for receptions more efficiently, reducing wait times and expediting the overall handling.
  • Error Reduction: The precision facilitated by EDI and ASN minimizes the discrepancies between expected and received goods, leading to a decrease in errors and miscommunications.
  • Cost Efficiency: The streamlined process cuts down on manual labour and administrative tasks, translating into notable cost savings for businesses.
  • Better Communication: The reliability and efficiency of Assumed Receipt foster stronger, more trusting relationships between business partners, essential for long-term success.


While Assumed Receipt is laden with benefits, its success hinges on accurate EDI and ASN information and a strong foundation of trust between trading partners. Businesses must ensure the integrity of their data and maintain open lines of communication to address any discrepancies swiftly and effectively.


The Assumed Receipt model, supported by the robust frameworks of EDI and ASN, is reshaping logistics practices by offering a more efficient, error-resistant, and cost-effective way to manage shipments. Its adoption signifies a shift towards more agile and responsive logistics operations, capable of meeting the demands of the modern business landscape.

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