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What is
Free Out

Free Out” is a pricing term used in freight forwarding that indicates the cost of transporting goods includes the loading fees at the origin but does not cover the unloading fees at the destination. Essentially, when a shipment is quoted as Free Out, the shipper is responsible for all costs associated with unloading the goods from the vessel or aircraft once it reaches its final destination.

Understanding Free Out in Freight Forwarding

The term "Free Out" (FO) plays a crucial role in the international transportation sector, especially within the realms of ocean and air freight. It is essential for freight forwarders, logistics professionals, and anyone involved in the movement of goods across global borders to understand this term thoroughly.  

Impact on Freight Forwarding Costs

Understanding the Free Out term is crucial for effectively managing logistics expenses. Since the unloading charges are not included in the freight rate, the responsibility falls on the shipper or the consignee to arrange for unloading services at the destination. This can involve handling fees, dock fees, and other associated charges, depending on the specific port or airport regulations.

Strategic Considerations for Freight Forwarders

For freight forwarders, accurately quoting and managing Free Out shipments requires a deep understanding of port and terminal operations at both the shipping origin and destination. Forwarders must be adept at negotiating terms that align with their clients' needs while ensuring transparency about potential additional costs at the shipment's endpoint.

Cost Management

Effective cost management under Free Out terms involves anticipating potential unloading expenses and integrating them into the overall logistics planning. This might include selecting the most efficient and cost-effective unloading services and ensuring that all parties involved are clear about their financial and operational responsibilities.


Free Out is a fundamental concept in freight forwarding that can significantly impact the cost and efficiency of international logistics. By understanding and strategically applying this term, freight forwarders and shippers can optimize their operations and ensure smooth transitions of goods across borders. As with all freight forwarding terms, clarity, and communication between all parties are key to successfully managing shipments under Free Out conditions.

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