Carriage Paid to (CPT)

What is
Carriage Paid to (CPT)

Carriage Paid To (CPT)” is a crucial term in international commerce, defining the responsibilities of sellers and buyers regarding the transportation of goods. It outlines the seller's obligation to cover the costs of moving goods to a specified destination, while placing other burdens such as insurance and taxes on the buyer. This arrangement is commonly used in various freight forwarding scenarios, making it vital for parties involved in global trading to understand its implications fully.

The Role of CPT in Global Trading

Under the CPT term, the seller is responsible for arranging and paying for the transport of goods to an agreed destination. This commitment includes all logistics and transport costs up to the named place. Once the goods have been handed over to the first carrier, the risk transfers from the seller to the buyer. Therefore, although the seller pays for the transportation, the buyer assumes the risk once the shipment is en route.

How CPT Benefits Sellers

Using CPT can be particularly advantageous for sellers because it allows them to control the shipping process up to a specified point. This control can ensure that goods are shipped efficiently and economically. Moreover, sellers can build the transportation cost into their product price, simplifying the buying process for their customers.

How CPT Affects Buyers

For buyers, CPT means taking on the risk associated with transportation once the goods have left the seller. Buyers need to be proactive in understanding the route, potential delays, and handling at the destination. They must also arrange for insurance to cover the goods during transit, as their responsibility begins the moment the shipment is transferred to the first carrier.

Considerations for Both Parties

Both sellers and buyers need to clearly understand and negotiate the terms of CPT to ensure smooth transaction processes. It is crucial for both parties to specify exactly where the goods will be handed over to the carrier and to understand the legal and practical implications of this transfer point.


Carriage Paid To (CPT) is an essential term in international commerce that facilitates clear divisions of responsibility in transporting goods. By understanding and negotiating these terms accurately, both sellers and buyers can ensure that their interests are protected during international transactions.

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