Actual Cost

What is
Actual Cost

The actual cost is cost charged for a job as it moves through progression. In the freight forwarding scenario, it can be defined as the price to be paid for transporting goods from one place to another. The carrier determines the actual cost depending on various factors like the mode of transportation, destination, goods, fuel costs, etc. The ambiguities in operational charges in the freight forwarding industry can alter actual costs time and again. Hence, it is important to have freight forwarding software that can make allowances for these ambiguities and simplify the quotation process so your customers can receive accurate prices. Shipthis software offers a Quotation Management solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage the entire quotation process and even provide a detailed breakdown of the quote enabling your customers to examine the prices of each commodity. This highly customizable solution also allows you to change key metrics in the quote whenever necessary to ensure that your customers pay the best prices. 

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