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Accounting refers to the process of creating well-defined and well-structured statements of all financial expenditures performed during a particular time or for a specific purpose. Cash flow within freight forwarding companies has often been uncertain due to ambiguities in operational costs. Such firms often face challenges in the accounting realm, which can severely impact their net earnings. Hence, it is important to have proper accounting practices to ensure cash flow liquidity and transparency to drive better decision-making. Despite the rigorous digitization of the freight forwarding industry, most companies still rely on outdated in-built accounting software incapable of meeting the requirements of the current business scenario. On the other hand, the latest cloud-based accounting software offers a wide range of features and solutions with the ability to automate tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. Shipthis Freight Forwarding software offers a GAAP compliant Accounting Module optimized to meet modern-day freight forwarders' requirements. Shipthis's Accounting Module ensures you complete transparency of your financial performance, information, and decision, all in one place, aiding you in deriving accurate results of your financial goals. 

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